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Take the opportunity to do some fitness training when you come and stay with us! Start the day with some exercise and be even more focused at your meeting! We provide the following morning training:Wednesday: Andreas, hotel owner and restaurant manager, runs Military Training with our guests at 6.30 in the morning. Fun, brilliant and challenging!Thursday: Andreas runs with the guests and leads a guided tour of Sigtuna town at the same time: at 06.30 in the morning!Friday: We suggest a SATS fitness training session, a couple of minutes’ walk from the hotel. Contact Reception for information and an entry ticket. There is also an obstacle course, an outdoor gym and a frisbee golf course just behind Hotel Kristina. You can borrow frisbees from us. After some exercise and a nice sauna in our relaxation suite, you’ll find that breakfast tastes even better, and you’ll be even more focused on the day’s meeting. And by the way, there’s no extra charge! Fitness training at other times: We collaborate with the SATS gym that is located a stone’s throw from the hotel, and our conference guests are entitled to free entry. If you want to add that little extra luxury to your day and train at one of Sweden’s nicest gyms, we recommend WE Sigtuna, 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel. WE is Sigtuna’s new hub and is run by Niklas Wikegård and Jonas Eriksson. We are pleased to offer our guests a special price of only SEK 75 per visit. The following are available at the hotel: sauna, bicycles for hire, piano, Nordic walking, parlour games, skittles, boules, giant pick-up-sticks and rounders. There are also several golf courses in the vicinity: we count the historic Sigtuna Golf Club and Arlandastad Golf Club among our partners. On offer are floodlit night golf, minigolf, walks along Lake Mälaren, a library, cinema, shopping on Stora Gatan, Sigtuna Spa, a beautiful beach promenade, swimming in Lake Mälaren and much more.

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We like art and culture, especially in combination with food! We regularly organise different events where we include food, art and music, and when blended together with humour and some surprise or other, these evenings become something quite out of the ordinary! We regularly hold different art exhibitions. At the moment the work of one of our favourites, graffiti artist OLIW87, features on our walls. Watch out for Channel or Die! William Sweetlove is another of our favourites. He is a Belgian with a strong focus on the environment, who is concerned about what is going to happen to the world’s animals if global warming continues. His method of protest is to “clone” different animals, and we love them! His plastic animals of all sizes, with their PET bottles on their backs and rubber boots on their feet, pop up here and there in the hotel.

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At Hotel Kristina we always have the environment in mind and do our best to have as little impact on it as possible. Hotel Kristina is the first conference centre in Greater Stockholm to have attained 2 KRAV certifications for food and drink! To be able to boast about this, at least 50% of the restaurant’s annual procurement must consist of approved foods. “It has long been our aim to get up to at least 50% approved foods, and we are really proud and pleased that we have now succeeded in doing that,” says Tobias Strömberg, chef. The following count as approved foods if they have the appropriate certification: • KRAV-certified – All products can be credited • Certified organic – Vegetable products can be credited • MSC-Chain-of-Custody-certified products “The hotel’s catchwords are “vibrancy, culture and sustainability” and we call ourselves an "Art-Eco-hotel"! This concept involves us having regular art exhibitions and cultural events at the same time as we work actively to attain sustainability. The fact that we now have two KRAV certifications is a huge step in our environmental efforts, but we are looking forward to an even greener spring,” says Andreas Olsen, one of the owners. Can you imagine how proud we were when we won the Ekoutmaningen 2015 environmental challenge in Sigtuna municipality, for the hotel and conference category? We were awarded an impressive certificate at the EcoGala that was held here at Hotel Kristina. Fantastic that the municipality, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the EkoMatCentrum resource centre for sustainable consumption at all stages of the food supply chain should have put on the Ekoutmaningen jointly and that they should showcase good organic examples in the municipality! In November, we also collected Sigtuna municipality’s “Social Award for 2015”. This is what the nomination for the award said: “For many years, Hotel Kristina has worked diligently with interns from both the Arlandagymnasiet upper secondary school and Sigtuna municipality’s adult education. The students feel welcome, and have a great opportunity for personal development in a supportive environment as well as acquiring expertise in their future profession. Many students were later offered jobs with the company. Hotel Kristina engages in a series of issues and is an active player in Sigtuna municipality. Their interest in the community around them is an inspiration to others to take more social responsibility.” We are so delighted and proud to have received the award, and thank our fantastic staff who made it all possible! Hotel Kristina also has the SVANEN Nordic Ecolabel. Some examples of this are that we only use green electricity and our guests can charge up their electric vehicles at our hotel. Our latest addition in aid of the environment is bee-keeping! Sigtuna, Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s municipality, has achieved a new record in terms of additional visitors. As Sweden’s fourth-largest hotel and conference destination, tourism now brings a further 300,000 new bee-guests into our first 12 beehives spread out among 10 players, of which Hotel Kristina is one. Together with the local company Biman, we are contributing to the creation of a richer flora and locally produced honey. We work actively to reduce our impact on the environment and to promote environmentally-friendly measures. We compost our kitchen waste and require high environmental standards of our suppliers. We also only use environmentally certified products for laundry and cleaning. We refuse to accept palm oil in any products and only serve organic wine. In April 2010, we contributed with other hotels to making Sigtuna a climate-neutral destination. We compensate for our carbon emissions by planting trees. In 2016, we compensated for 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide by planting trees with small farmers in Malawi. In addition to the climate benefits, this contributes to social values and valuable ecosystem services. It goes without saying that you can charge up your electric vehicle in our car park.

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Our unique history

From boarding school to modern conference centre! In 1990 the Sigtunaskolan boarding school was converted into the Hotel Kristina hotel and conference centre. The buildings are in the functionalist style of the 1930s and still hold many memories from their era as a constant in the lives of the students who spent a major part of their time here. Many original features were preserved in the comprehensive refurbishment that was done and the hotel’s interior today reflects a 1930s design with a lot of colour and style. The students’ rooms have become hotel rooms and what was the separate assembly hall is Hotel Kristina’s own “Teater”, or theatre, today. The name Kristina came about because, according to legend, Queen Kristina rode from her hunting lodge over the hills where the hotel is situated, to Wenngarn Castle.    

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